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  • From Malte Resenberger-Loosmann's Store. USP and USP Match. in Game Assets. Learned a lot about texturing and material definition. USP ~ 10.700 tris USP Match ~ 15.300 tris.
I just got my HK usp45, myself. I know it'll never be ask cool as a Mark 23, are there any essential accessories or upgrades when one becomes an HK bro? The only upgrades that I would do would be a USP Match trigger, a rail adapter if you want, and different sights.

HK USP Match in 9mm . The first offering by HK of an enhanced USP with distinct characteristics that make it more attractive to the target shooter. The Match also features polygonal rifling, a trigger stop, and fully adjustable rear sight. The USP Match was featured prominently in the Paramount...

Jun 23, 2014 · You are referring to USP variants. The LEM variants the OP is referring to are for the P2000/P30/HK45 platforms. V2 is "standard" LEM with a 7-7.5lb trigger pull. V1 is "light" LEM with a 4-4.5 trigger pull. FWIW nearly all LEM HK pistols start out as V2. To get Light LEM you may, depending on your starting pistol, have to swap out the TRS, HS ...
  • Since I own a USP .45 Tactical I learned to really like the match trigger. Consequently I have had a match trigger installed in both my USP 9mm and USP 40. Now all my full size USPs have the same trigger groups and characteristics. I prefer to leave trigger work to the folks that make a living working on the guns. A local shop has an HK armorer ...
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    Sep 30, 2015 · Multiple Trigger Firing Modes - The USP has the ability to be converted between nine trigger firing modes – with minimal work and requires only a few parts. Accessory Rail - Perhaps the most criticized feature on the USP is the HK proprietary accessory rail, which only accepts HK specific accessories without a 1913 ‘Picatinny” adaptor.

    The Match trigger, which comes on the special model USPs (like the Tactical, Match, Expert, Elite), is fantastic. It drops in to any USP, and it's about $130 if I remember correctly. The DA is smoother and lighter, and the SA pull has the same take up, but the break is very crisp and light.

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    Oct 26, 2009 · The width difference you see listed on the HK website is likely accounting for in the jet funnel in Expert dimensions, which is odd, because the .45ACP has no jet funnel. The truly best HK action is the Combat Competition trigger. It's a hybrid LEM with a sub-5 pound pull...every time. The DA/SA match trigger is no slouch either...

    HK USP match trigger vs. standard trigger. This video covers the installation of the LEM trigger with match components (LEM match hybrid) part 1. These instructions are very ...

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    The Match trigger, which comes on the special model USPs (like the Tactical, Match, Expert, Elite), is fantastic. It drops in to any USP, and it's about $130 if I remember correctly. The DA is smoother and lighter, and the SA pull has the same take up, but the break is very crisp and light.

    In multiple tests, HK cold hammer forged pistol barrels have achieved service lives in excess of 91,000 rounds. Adding an O-ring to the barrel means increased accuracy from a close barrel-to-slide lockup. The USP Expert has precision match sights that are adjustable for windage and elevation. The match trigger has an adjustable trigger stop.

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    Hk Usp Match Trigger Vs Standard Trigger. Hk Lem Trigger Explanation. Hk Usp Compact Variant 1 In 40 S W. Hk P30 40 Review And Range Report.

    The unique LEM pre-cocked hammer system combines the advantages of a cocked striker component (constant level of trigger pull and short trigger travel from first to last round fired) with a double action hammer system. Optional adjustment (by HK certified armorer) can bring the trigger pull into the 5.5 pound (24.5 N) range.

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    Can pretty much get any type of trigger you'd like, my favorite being a light LEM. Recoil buffer spring really works, IMO. It's the lightest shooting .45 I've got (others being a G21SF and Sig P220). USP45 cons: Expensive, especially if you're looking at a Match or Tactical. New mags will set you back about $50 each.

    Dimensions Caliber: .45 AUTO Overall length: 7.91 in. Overall height: 5.61 in. Overall width: 1.26 in. Barrel length: 4.41 in for sale by Big Deez Guns on GunsAmerica - 988549777

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    The USP45 trigger, both DA and SA, is worse than the HK45 trigger. But the HK45 trigger is worse then the USP Match trigger (which comes standard in the Tactical, and other “special” versions). You can put a USP Match trigger kit in an HK45 with the exception of the actual trigger.

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    The USP Compact Handgun by Heckler & Koch was designed w/ the shooter in mind. This handgun is easy to use but maintains a clean and accurate shot, using a small frame which is capable of chambering most powerful cartridges, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP.Chambered in 9x19mm, this pistol comes with a hard case, two 13 round magazines and manual. Factory New

    LEM vs. Match trigger?? Jump to Latest Follow. The Match trigger offered by HK is simply an enhanced variant of the standard SA/DA USP trigger package. It provides a slightly reduced trigger pull and improved trigger feel (improved release and "crispness", reduced "creep").

FAMILY: USP Series MODEL: USP40 (V1) TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol ACTION: Double / Single Action FINISH: Blue STOCK/FRAME: Polymer Frame CALIBER/GAUGE: 40 SW CAPACITY: 13+1 # OF MAGS: 2 MAGAZINE DESC: 13 rd. BARREL: 4.25" OVERALL LENGTH: 7.64" SIGHTS: Fixed SAFETY: Manual Safety Lever
I had that gun at the same time as my previous HK USP 45 and the trigger on it felt better than that USP also. PPQ has the advantage here (in trigger feel, alone - more about this later) As far as ergonomics and aesthetics, the Walther is the runway model (albeit a well-fed, robust, athletic model) and the HK is the squared-off blocky (but ...
Nov 19, 2008 · A USP is one of the softest-shooting .45's out there (It has the same recoil syste as the Mk23/HK45). The USP .40 is also a soft shooting .40. The HK45's single-action trigger is pretty good; double action is heavy. It's pretty much the same, however, as the USP. I prefer the HK45's safety over the bulky USP safety. I'm also one of the few ...
The HK P30 and HK45 are the new era of Heckler and Koch pistols. HK took the strengths of the ubiquitous USP and added some of what have become standard features on modern polymer pistols, and these two guns were result, along with a few other models that are also very similar.